Things To Know Before Buying a Used Car in Kerala & Tamil Nadu

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Things To Know Before Buying a Used Car in Kerala & Tamil Nadu:

Budget –  Before making any purchase, budget is the first thing to be considered. Doing some research online will give a vague idea and see which cars fall in your budget. Unless you are done with negotiations, do not reject any options, as some times quoted price might exceed your budget by a few thousands. Collect information about EMI plans, if you are planning for one.

Requirement Knowing which type of car suits your purpose is the next important thing. For better mileage and lower maintenance costs, one can always go for small cars. For off-roading and urban driving, compact SUVS are good. One can choose sedans, MUVs, or hatchbacks depending on their budgets.

Fuel­-EfficiencyThose who are going for their first car, should know about the changing fuel prices in India.

Selecting Used Car SellerThere are many online portals nowadays to buy/sell or exchange used cars. Apart from that car manufacturers too are opening pre-owned cars or used car showrooms.

Points To Remember Always know the history of the car which you are going to purchase. Number of ownerships, kilometers travelled, mileage, accident history, all original car documents, car’s age, etc are some the important points to remember.